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Premium Vape Juice, What's the Difference?

Some consumers have probably wondered when shopping for vape juice if there is a difference between regular bottles and premium bottles. There are vendors out there that will claim some of their vape juice as premium, but there are some factors to consider before you decide to purchase a vape juice with that label.

Ingredients In Vape Juice

The two primary ingredients in vape juice are PG and VG, which stand for propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, respectively. Other ingredients will include nicotine and a flavor of the person's choosing. The flavors can be as simple as watermelon and Bavarian Cream or as complex as Peach Melon Cream, Godfather, and Unicorn Milk, which are all unique blends that Slim's E-juice mixes.

Difference In Packaging

Most regular vape juice will use food grade flavors and are packaged in plastic bottles. With premium vape juice, you will see companies package their products in glass bottles and have a fancy label. Some glass that is used will not be transparent, while some will be packaged in the dark, amber glass that works well with minimizing light absorption and keeping the liquid fresh longer. If a premium juice is made of majority PG, it will have a longer shelf life than premium juice with majority VG. However, VG has a better temperature resistance than PG. The best storage for options for any vape juice, in general, would be dark areas that are cold and dry to avoid as much light as possible since vape juice is sensitive to heat and light.

What PG Is

PG, one of the most common bases in vape juice, means propylene glycol, an odorless, colorless liquid. It also is thin like water. Therefore the PG part of vape juice won't affect the flavor. Some people who will have an allergy to the propylene glycol and an allergic reaction could happen if there is too much PG present. The taste has a faint sweetness, and its chemical class is that of a diol and can be fully dissolved in many solvents, including chloroform, water, and acetone. PG's most significant use is producing polymers, and PG itself is generated by the masses. A couple of other uses of PG include food processing and for heat exchange applications with low temperatures as a processing fluid.

What VG Is

Unlike PG, VG in vape juice is thick like syrup and does not cause allergic reactions. VG means vegetable glycerin. This part of vape juice is colorless and odorless, like PG. Its classification is that of a polyol compound, and its backbone will be found as triglycerides, which are classified as lipids. Triglycerides can be accessed in animal and plant source material. The food industry widely uses this product as a humectant, sweetener, and is also used in pharmaceuticals. Three hydroxyl groups are found in vegetable glycerin that gives it the capability of dissolving in water. These hydroxyl groups also make vegetable glycerin hygroscopic.

How Is Premium Vape Juice Made?

All manufacturers of premium vape juice have their methods of making their flavors top quality. Some methods could differ a lot from others, but some could be very similar. One method some companies take is steeping the vape juice for certain periods of time before selling it. Steeping is about the same as wine aging over time, and this will give a stronger flavor, making it more full and satisfying. A vape juice manufacturer might steep their flavor for a week before selling while others will steep for a minimum of one month before they put it up for purchase. Another part of the premium vape juice is high-quality flavor.

What Vape Equipment Should Be Used For Premium Vape Juice?

For a quality vape, it is recommended that quality material is used. The cheaper kits for the E-cig pens, RDA's, etc. usually will not give you the full experience of premium vape juice. Another downfall is the cheaper brands will tend to break down easier or get gunked up fast to where the money will have to be put back into it just to fix it or completely replace the equipment altogether.

What Kind Of Flavors Are Available In Premium Vape Juice?

One notable aspect of premium juices are the choices of flavors available in the market. There are significantly more basic line vape juice flavors than the premiums, but there are still plenty of flavors out there for people to find what they like. The reasoning for the limitations on flavors mostly deals with the types of flavors that can be made premium. Some unique vape juice flavors, like dill pickle, absinthe, and chai tea are probably tough to find or more than likely non-existent. This reason has to due with flavors like these not being popular amongst the population and not worth the time to make into a premium vape juice.

Some Favorite Flavors

A popular brand of premium vape juice can be found at Slim's E-Juice online. A few favorites of their top Cloud Line include Unicopia, Fountain of Youth, and Vial From Olympus. They also have some premium vape juice with basic flavors like Strawberry, Cinnamon Roll, and Bubble Gum. There will be plenty of options to try on their premium vape juice line, so take your time to look around their store to find something that will interest you.

Remember To Know Your Taste

Overall, the difference between regular vape juice and premium vape juice can be quite significant depending on the seller, and can also lead to some very satisfying vaping sessions once someone finds a flavor they can't resist. Remember to check into detail on some of the premium lines out there. With Slim's E-Juice however, you can make a safe bet that you will not be disappointed.